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PP Shopping Bag, Handle Bag

Plastic shopping bags or handle bags are a common type of shopping bags, which are manufactured to carry items from a store to a home and are used in large numbers worldwide. Nowadays, shopping bags are not only the bags used to hold goods, but also become ornaments for shoppers, which are an expression of personal style and taste. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to buy a proper shopping bag.

As one of the major handle bag manufacturers in China, we have been committed to providing customers with aesthetic, practical and environment friendly PP shopping bags to customers worldwide. Their primary material (polypropylene) provides our PP shopping bags with good tear resistance, high strength, great durability and UV protection. In addition, they are stylish, economical, durable and waterproof, thus helping make them popular with our global customers. We also can customize handle bags according to customers’ requirements.

In order to satisfy various needs of our customers, we also produce rice PP woven bags, PP woven cloth, camping mats, and other products.
If you require further information or you do not see what you need, please feel free to contact us. Our staff will be happy to help.

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