1. Rice PP Woven BagThere are many varieties of rice on the market today, and the quality of the rice may vary greatly. Generally, people can distinguish the varieties and grades of
    1. Flour PP Woven BagWe provide customers with a variety of PP flour woven bags, whose packing capacities can be 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg and 50kg. These PP woven bags
    1. Vegetable PP Woven BagUsing our extensive experience, along with the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff, we can provide high quality PP vegetable woven bags at low prices.
    1. Fertilizer PP Woven BagOur fertilizer PP woven bags, a type of agricultural packaging plastic bags, are acid, alkali resistant, moisture resistant, and leak free.
    1. Mineral PP Woven BagDue to their light weight, great tear resistance, aging resistance, electric insulation, wide variety of usage, and low cost, PP woven bags are most popular
    1. Transparent PP Woven BagTransparent woven bags not only enable the consumers to see over the packed products, but also help the sellers to better show their good products.
    1. Chemical PP Woven BagOur PP chemical woven bags are made of polypropylene, which are corrosion resistant, radiation resistant, and free of physical changes at
    1. Feed PP Woven BagAs an experienced feed PP woven bag manufacturer in China, we believe our feed PP woven bags are the product of choice for you. Our PP woven bags are
    1. Cement PP Woven BagPP woven bags, which are lightweight, durable and tear resistant, are the ideal product for holding cement. We is a
    1. Mail PP Woven BagA mail bag is a product that can be used to pack DHL, EMS parcels. Due to the rapid development of worldwide communications and popularity of online
    1. PP Shopping Bag, Handle BagTheir primary material (polypropylene) provides our PP shopping bags with good tear resistance, high strength, great durability and UV protection.
    1. PP Jumbo BagOur jumbo PP bags, which are mainly made of polypropylene, feature smooth surface, great durability, ease of transportation and low prices.
    1. PP Woven Fabric, Woven ClothPolypropylene woven fabric or woven cloth is mainly made of plastic flat yarn. Featuring light weight, high tensile strength, tear resistance, ease of
    1. Beach Mat, Camping Mat Our beach mats and camping mats are mainly made of polypropylene, and have the features of soft and smooth surface, clear printed patterns
    1. PP Woven Bag OEMOur polypropylene woven bags are widely used for packing food grains, flour, maize, animal feeds, fertilizers, chemicals, building materials, resins, etc.

We is a PP woven bag manufacturer and supplier in China. Thanks to our years of experience and the tireless efforts, we can produce a wide range of PP woven bags, including rice PP woven bags, flour PP woven bags, chemical PP bags, PP feed bags, cement PP woven bags, and more. In addition, we also manufacture PP woven fabrics, beach mats, and camping mats to suit various needs of our customers.

Our PP woven bags are primarily constructed from polypropylene, which provides them with high strength and great resistance to tear, radiation and temperatures (-40-100℃). With the features of smooth surface, beautiful patterns, ease of transportation and low cost, our PP woven bags, PP woven fabrics and mats are very popular with customers from Russia, France, Poland, Lithuania, Guinea, Congo, Tanzania, Morocco, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Palestine, Korea, Japan, among others.

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you. OEM service is also available upon request.

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